Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kristal View @ Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

It has been a long....long.... time since my last post in this blog... Damn bz with my daily routine..  Its kinda bored and frustrating... Lately I'm do a lot of thinking of switch to other company... hahahha... Job hunting and searching for better offer. Its not that easy.... Walk away from my comfort zone... I need to survive in open market which currently very challenging than 4 years ago...  Y I said 4 years?? Because this is my fist job since I'm graduated in 2007. Y I'm working in this company??? The answer is easy....I'm bonded for 3 years.... No where to run...hahahhaa...

Properties...oh properties... Since the Big G announced that for the third house I'm only eligible to apply loan 70% of market value.... "Pelangi anganku musnah"...haahhaahah... Too bad... Even tough there are few methods recommended by so called "Properties expert" to overcome this obstacle such as buy a house which way below than MV or find a JV partner which entitle for 90% loan.... My honest opinion  is " Its easier said than done"

I aggreed with one of the blogger mentioned that to be a "realistic investor" I need to be paid at a handsome monthly salary.... At least RM6k to RM7k per month... With that amount of money I can save a big portion of it for deposit, downpayment, legel fees, repair works and etc.... She also quoted that most of the millionaire or billionaire made their first million bucks throughout their monthly salary.... Can i acheive that??? Easier said than done...huh.... Need to work hard and smart for it....

Back to the business, below is one of the opportunity for you guys out there to own a good properties at a good location... Easier to get tenant and good resale value.

The details as below

Saturday, April 2, 2011

BANK NEGARA PRESS RELEASED: New Measures on Credit Cards to Promote Prudent Financial Management and Responsible Business Practices

Bank Negara Malaysia wishes to announce new measures on credit cards in continuous efforts to inculcate sound financial and debt management among credit card users. These measures are also aimed to promote fair and responsible business practices by credit card issuers with further enhancements in the cards security infrastructure. With immediate effect, the eligibility requirements for credit cards are revised as follows:

  • The minimum income eligibility for new credit card holders is set at RM24,000 per annum;  For cardholders earning RM36,000 per annum and less, the following would be applicable:
  • Cardholders can only hold credit cards from a maximum of two issuers.
  • Existing cardholders who currently hold credit cards from more than two issuers are given up to the end of 2011 to select their preferred issuers. Cardholders will also be given at least two years to service their outstanding credit card debt for the credit cards that have been cancelled for the purpose of meeting this requirement.
  • The maximum credit limit extended to a cardholder shall not exceed two times their monthly income per issuer.
  • For existing cardholders, whose credit card outstanding balance exceeds the maximum credit limit, a grace period of two years will be given to them to meet with the new requirement.

Card issuers will engage with the affected cardholders to assist them in restructuring their repayments to facilitate the smooth implementation of this measure. In addition, cardholders can also seek the assistance of Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) for advice on their debt management.

Responsible Business Practices in Provision of Credit Cards

Credit card issuers are required to adopt fair, transparent and responsible approach in marketing and offering of credit cards to consumers. Issuers are not allowed to increase cardholders' credit limit without obtaining their consent. Issuers are also not allowed to offer a credit advance in the form of cheque payable to the cardholders unless the cardholders have requested for the credit advance.

To facilitate consumers in making comparison and informed decisions, card issuers are required to provide a Product Disclosure Sheet that contains key information on the card's features, fees and obligations of the cardholders. Issuers are also required to display prominently alerts to communicate to cardholders the implications of meeting only minimum and partial repayments. At the end of each year, customised information on how long it will take to fully pay off the cardholder's outstanding balance and the total interest costs if the cardholder only makes minimum repayment will be issued to each cardholder. This will be effective for annual statements issued from December 2011.

Further Enhancements to Credit Card Infrastructure Security

In the effort to further enhance credit card security and to promote public confidence in the usage of credit cards as a safe payment instrument, effective 1 January 2012, transaction alerts via Short Messaging Service (SMS) will be implemented by card issuers for their cardholders after transactions are performed. This will be followed by the implementation of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) verification for all card transactions from 1 January 2015 onwards.

For further information on the new credit card guidelines, members of the public can contact ABM Connect at 1-300-88-9980, the contact centres of their respective card issuers and Bank Negara Malaysia's Telelink at 1-300-88-5465.

Bank Negara Malaysia

18 March 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Belaian Bayu Market Value....Is it True???

Last week there were a young couple and real state agent viewed the unit next to mine. They seem very interested to buy the house...

ME : What is your selling price?

AGENT: RM210 000

Wow!! That is a huge number. Last 2 years I bought my unit only at the price of RM151 000.

ME: Is it negotiable?

AGENT: A bit..

ME: Why the price is sky high???

AGENT: Maybe because the neighbourhood is matured and the public amenities is nearby. Esspecially the new carefour at sek23.

ME: make sense.. How much the bank value the house.

AGENT: Around RM215 000..

ME: Wow again.......hahahah... 90% of it buyer will get a loan for RM 193500..Not inclusive MRTA and legel fees...

Thanks to Allah... Me and wife make a wise decision to buy the apartment. Hopefully the price will continue to rise and hit RM250 000.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

T. Harv Eker’s JARS Money Management System

There are a lot of tools or methods out there to assist me on managing my money. I am interested to implement 6 JARS of Money Management System which I found is very useful . Anyone can start using this JARS method of managing their money even though if you think you do not have a lot of money to manage. The key is to develop a habit of managing your money, but not how much money you have available for you to manage. One must get into the habit of managing their own money, and you can start with as low as $1 to begin using this system.

Below are the recipes and ingrediants to prepare my JARS.
*Financial Freedom Account (FFA) = 10%
*Long Term Savings For Spending (LTSS) = 10%
*Education (EDUC) = 10%
*Necessities (NEC) =55%
*Play = 10%
*Give = 5%

Here are how the JARS system works:

*Financial Freedom Account (10%)
Put 10% into your FFA whenever you receive money, such as your salary. You must NEVER, NEVER spend the money that you put inside your FFA account. Any money inside the FFA account can only be used to purchase or acquire passive income streams to grow your money. You may spend the interest acquired from the FFA if you choose to, although it is recommended that you do not. Keep the interest inside the FFA to grow your capital and interest faster. Think of your FFA as the golden mother goose that lays you golden eggs, if you spend the money inside the FFA, it is akin to killing your mother goose that will bring you golden eggs (your riches). Instead, keep the baby geese (FFA’s interest) that the mother goose is giving you, and you can grow more baby geese (your wealth) even faster. As you may already get it, the idea is to create a golden goose! You may prefer to think of the FFA as a legacy that you can leave behind for your future generations. If you are one who believes in the law of attraction, this FFA is actually your money magnet. Keep putting more money into your FFA and attract more $$$ into your life! Put $$$ into your FFA account everyday if you can, even if it is just a penny.

In summary, the time to spend your FFA capital is NEVER! When you stop working, you get to spend the eggs but never the goose!

*Long Term Savings For Spending (10%) 
Put 10% into your LTSS whenever you receive money, such as your salary. The money inside LTSS can be used for major expenditure such as savings for your children’s education, buying a house for yourself, keeping aside contingency funds.

*Education (10%)
Put 10% into your EDUC whenever you receive money, such as your salary. You can use the EDUC funds for your self-education, for examples, books, seminars and events etc. Everyone needs to learn, especially in this changing world. Grow your comfort zone through learning and doing. If you are not growing, you are dying!

Take this quote from Ben Franklin: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”

*Necessities (55%)
Put 55% into your NEC whenever you receive money, such as your salary. You should use the funds inside your Necessities account to settle all your essential bills such as phone bills, electricity, clothings, eating, driving, travelling, hair etc. If you cannot survive on 55%, simplify your lifestyle. Instead of driving a car, perhaps you can take public transport, or drive a Honda instead of a BMW. Buy Converse jeans instead of Armani. There are people who cannot live on 55% NEC when they started the JARS system but over time, these same group of people are able to simplify their lives and live on 50% or lesser!

When your usual needs for instant gratification kicks in, think this: “Wealthy people think Long term. Poor people think Short term.”

*Play (10%)
Put 10% into your Play account whenever you receive money, such as your salary. You are supposed to spend this money every month to pamper yourself. The key is to BLOW this Play money away every month so that you will feel good about having money and spending it! You should feel guilt-free when you spend this money every single month. Maybe you go for massages once every month, now you can use this money to really pamper yourself by going twice, thrice or as much as you want. Or you can try ordering champagne during dinner at a restaurant if you do not usually do. Or buy yourself a new gadget. Anything outrageous that you can do to pamper yourself and makes you feel really good. You are recommended to BLOW this money every month. However, if you need to save up for things such as short trips getaways that require a little more money, you can accumulate them up to a few months, say a quarter, before you use them.

*Give (5%)
Put 5% into your Give account whenever you receive money, such as your salary. You can use the money for donations to charities, use it to help someone in need. Giving is important. If you choose to give 10%, take the extra 5% from your NEC and change the % allocated for NEC from 55% to 50%.