Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kristal View @ Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

It has been a long....long.... time since my last post in this blog... Damn bz with my daily routine..  Its kinda bored and frustrating... Lately I'm do a lot of thinking of switch to other company... hahahha... Job hunting and searching for better offer. Its not that easy.... Walk away from my comfort zone... I need to survive in open market which currently very challenging than 4 years ago...  Y I said 4 years?? Because this is my fist job since I'm graduated in 2007. Y I'm working in this company??? The answer is easy....I'm bonded for 3 years.... No where to run...hahahhaa...

Properties...oh properties... Since the Big G announced that for the third house I'm only eligible to apply loan 70% of market value.... "Pelangi anganku musnah"...haahhaahah... Too bad... Even tough there are few methods recommended by so called "Properties expert" to overcome this obstacle such as buy a house which way below than MV or find a JV partner which entitle for 90% loan.... My honest opinion  is " Its easier said than done"

I aggreed with one of the blogger mentioned that to be a "realistic investor" I need to be paid at a handsome monthly salary.... At least RM6k to RM7k per month... With that amount of money I can save a big portion of it for deposit, downpayment, legel fees, repair works and etc.... She also quoted that most of the millionaire or billionaire made their first million bucks throughout their monthly salary.... Can i acheive that??? Easier said than done...huh.... Need to work hard and smart for it....

Back to the business, below is one of the opportunity for you guys out there to own a good properties at a good location... Easier to get tenant and good resale value.

The details as below


  1. kristal view ni dah kecoh masa mereka buka pendaftaran for kristal heights lagi. harga gilaaa... see kristal heights dulu lah, tgk kalau rental yield dia ok, boleh beli lah kristal view ni.

  2. I ade baca kat blog you pasal kristal heights tuh... Tp for me...people always bising about price.. mahal ke ape ke... But they still buy.. Tambah lg gomen bg insentif bg skim rumah pertama... It is good opportunity for young couple to own it.

  3. I Ada one unit kat kristal view..rental rm1500 per month sew a pd unisel student..alhamdulillah..dpt juga RVSP utk kristal view..kalu Ada rezeki mau angkat juge..insya Allah..

  4. Sori..unit saya..kristal heights..

  5. kalau utk duduk sendiri, takper... asal harga mampu bayar, selesa dan dekat dgn tempat kerja/ sekolah anak2 mmg sesuai sangat dah...

  6. sape2 nak dtg boleh pm i hehe... i consultant,buat rsvp untuk kristal view..kalo minat nak dtg bgtau le:) amat berbaloi sbb harga mmg murah sebelum tahun depan..well,biasala..kalau dah ada skim rumah pertama yang dinaikkan status ke 400k..terang2 tahun depan semua rumah naik apalagi? :)

  7. nak tgk!!!.....hehehehe.....rasanya area kristal view memg xde masalah....nice area....2 tahun duduk kat area situ memg sume ada.....mgu ni jumpe kat sana ye....

  8. Salam..alhamdulillah dpt 1 unit kristal view tgkt 14 menghadap bandaraya shah alam..maybe utk duduk..Tp ni rumah ke tiga..ermm..the only choice is mbsb or else kena refinance first house..

  9. Congratz kpd yg dah decided nak beli. To saudara Azmir, please share your financing plan since this is your third house kan... LTV only 70% kan..

  10. Your opinion please.

    If I have like 2500 a month to spare for a property, should I buy this Kristal View - condo bungalow unit for about 370K after discount OR a nearby sub-sale of corner house from a friend with 24ft land for less than 600K ? My friend wanted to sell it to me at cheap price so I feel that it is a good opportunity. And the house condition is very good.

    I already have a fully renovated intermediate house at 2400 sqft build up with very good neighbours which i stay with my family in Shah Alam. Whichever way I go, I am unlikely to move from my present house at least in the next 2 years. But I have a very small family, so I was thinking, Kristal view is good buy because it can possibly be rented out until we decided to stay there. I need the space, so 1200 sqft is good for me. Further, it has a mosque to be built right in front of it - it would be nice to live in a small safe apartment right next to a mosque, living a simple life, no one will pay attention to us.

    But then, the 24ft land is such a lure because I have also always wanted a house with land. We did bought a new semi detached recently, but while the house build up is big, the extra land is only 12 ft so I was thinking once that is completed, we could sell it a a big profit and the corner house can replace it. With the extra profit on the semi-detached, we could reduce our loan substantially and setill own a house with a land in our portfolio.

    But to buy both the corner house and kristal view both at the same time while waiting for the semi detached to be sold is too risky for us. Although I think I can still afford it provided the semi detached is completed on time and we can sell it.

    The last thing I want to do is to be greedy and put us at too much risk.

    I am more inclined towards kristal view, however, the RM300/mth maintenance sounds too steep. It is equal to Seri Maya maintenance in the heart of KL. Actually for 370K, I could get a unit at Villa WangsaMas in Wangsa Maju too for just slightly more. At RM300/mth maintenance, even if I can rent it out at RM1500 per month , my net is only RM1200.

    Whereas the corner unit can be rented out to a family at RM1600/mth and that is net.

    However, if I decided to move, I would likely need to spend a lot of money to renovate the corner unit. Whereas kristal view is just interior design. I need to live in a nice, clean, modern house whichever way I go.

    The key problem I have is, I am not sure the purpose of buying my next property other than because I feel its better to buy a property if you have extra monthly income, otherwise you spend it on things that you dont really need. So far, I have 4 properties and all are bought with a view of : I might be able to stay in it, but can be rented out while I am deciding where exactly to stay. In 2-3 years from now, I am unsure whether I want to stay in a big house with land OR an apartment which is easier to maintain. FYI, I have never stayed in an apartment in Malaysia. I always imagine carrying my groceries from the car park to the house to be such a hassle.

    The other factor I am considering is resale value. I think Kristal view would probably be a better buy if I decide to resell later on. Maybe the corner house is more difficult to sell. I dont know. And the last factor is, if I were to buy the corner, I will surely need to take loan. Whereas, the Kristal view is on progress contruction, so I could probably pay progress to PKNS as I try to save some cash.

    So I am really undecided. If you have any thoughts, I would really appreciate it.

  11. Decided to sell off my property at kristal height
    .anyone interested?pls pm/email me.tq

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