Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kristal View @ Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

It has been a long....long.... time since my last post in this blog... Damn bz with my daily routine..  Its kinda bored and frustrating... Lately I'm do a lot of thinking of switch to other company... hahahha... Job hunting and searching for better offer. Its not that easy.... Walk away from my comfort zone... I need to survive in open market which currently very challenging than 4 years ago...  Y I said 4 years?? Because this is my fist job since I'm graduated in 2007. Y I'm working in this company??? The answer is easy....I'm bonded for 3 years.... No where to run...hahahhaa...

Properties...oh properties... Since the Big G announced that for the third house I'm only eligible to apply loan 70% of market value.... "Pelangi anganku musnah"...haahhaahah... Too bad... Even tough there are few methods recommended by so called "Properties expert" to overcome this obstacle such as buy a house which way below than MV or find a JV partner which entitle for 90% loan.... My honest opinion  is " Its easier said than done"

I aggreed with one of the blogger mentioned that to be a "realistic investor" I need to be paid at a handsome monthly salary.... At least RM6k to RM7k per month... With that amount of money I can save a big portion of it for deposit, downpayment, legel fees, repair works and etc.... She also quoted that most of the millionaire or billionaire made their first million bucks throughout their monthly salary.... Can i acheive that??? Easier said than done...huh.... Need to work hard and smart for it....

Back to the business, below is one of the opportunity for you guys out there to own a good properties at a good location... Easier to get tenant and good resale value.

The details as below